Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I wrote a note..check it out if you have minute, many have asked about the is the story... this is the conversation I woke up to came out of left field...
The reference to Kevin..her husband, my best freind, father to Kailyn whom I watched free for 8 months...then it goes to this... ignorance is bliss....
May 4 at 5:46pm
Lindsay Center
wrote..your a huge fucking bitch you know people can see what you type on facebook especiallywhen its on dont ask about kailyn anymore she is none of your business i dont want you near here either. have a nice life!
May 4 at 5:55pm
Monique Balthazar-Tagliavia
Yup I'm the bitch, got it check... So happy for Kevin! woohoo!
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May 4 at 5:59pm
Lindsay Center
....go to hell monique... yet me and kevin are still married and reconcilling right??? hmm!!! bet you didnt know that one either..too bad your losing daddy!!! too bad you cant see my daughter wish you could have her dont you! but you'll never see my little princess again! and im pretty sure kevins pissed at you right now for pissing me off! May 4 at 6:24pm
Monique Balthazar-Tagliavia Really??? Not what he says, divorce is processed and waiting his 90 days till free of you.
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May 4 at 6:26pm
Lindsay Center
....Yep! But I dont have time for your childish banter I have to go get my daughters things ready for her for when she comes home..but you wouldnt know what that is like. oh btw the purple chair if you could please give it to kevin and if theres anything else of my daughter's there that she may have left as well...thank you in advance for giving
Monique Balthazar-Tagliavia is happy to know childish ppl who are so immature it shows in their attitude. Finally others woke up & got the HELL out! I'm so happy for them! Go M & K.
Monique Balthazar-Tagliavia at 6:05pm May 4
Not everything is about you. Get over yourself! I have other friends going through divorce its not all about Lindsay.
Lindsay Center commented on your status: "go to hell u cunt"
Lindsay Center commented on your status: "never said it was monique, but theres no need to post shit on kevins fb page about me either. You need toget over yourself and need to stop have people feeling sorry for you and your family right now. and like i said kevin and i r reconciling,"
Stop feeling sorry for me? Life sucks, my dad is dying you dumb shit, but you'd have to have feelings and maturity to understand such complicated issues, so I'm not surprised you don't get it!
Lindsay Center commented on your status: "no shit life sucks! people die its life no one should have to be put on life support and play the waiting game. i actually do have feelings but not for others who wants people to feel sorry for them... maybe your first husband did the right thing by divorcing your sorry ass!!!!
Monique Balthazar-Tagliavia My sorry ass, look in the mirror! Yet I have a happy blissful marriage. Hope you are never put in this situation b/c life is precious & you don't get it.
Monique Balthazar-Tagliavia is happy to know dad is doing well &waiting ptly for a new heart despite others wishing him "death" THX Lindsay good to know!

This my dear friends is what an ignorant person will post, do I feel sorry for her..YOU BET!!! Her world is falling apart and she knows it, can I accept her ignorance, yup! I can..Why because I know her and feel sorry for her, she needs to bring others down and say hurtful things just to make her own pathetic life more for that I say...Lindsay you are forgiven for all your ignorant comments!!!