Tuesday, May 5, 2009

running and stuff

So I ran on Saturday and it felt great!!!!
I was a little sore on Sunday, but the good kind, where you know you did something.
I also ran again today...
I love running it just takes getting there to enjoy it.
My goal is to run the rest of the week...4-5 miles everyday, I know you shouldn't run everyday, but if I don't in the beginning, I lose my stride. I only run if I feel good, I never run if I have pain, serious pain such as shin splints or stabbing pains in quads, however I will be running through the damn blister I got today on the arch of my foot.
Who gets a blister on the arch of their foot? I have no idea how it got there.
The sneakers are not new, I have worn them before and loved running in them.
So leave it to me to get it there.
Dad is doing well, he was moved into a new room and has a view of the Charles River and the Boston Skyline very beautiful, especially at night.
He was in good spirits today,and can't wait for a new heart to come his way.