Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wow where has the time gone?

So where has the time gone? well...we are actually in the midst of changing a few things, 1. being B's work schedule...he now works 3x11 and we love it. I still work 10-6AM and it works for us. Dad had his hip replaced in Feb and was doing great until last week, he was diagnosed with Cardiac Failure. We are learning to live with the new diagnosis. The puppies are great and we love that we spend alot of time with them. the weather is getting nice and the days are getting longer...ahh SPRING!
I will be going to court on Friday to seat the jury for my court case that has taken 7 years to get here, nothing like waiting, ugh! We begin trial on Monday, I will be alone as I DO NOT want B there, he has already lived through it once I will not do that to him again. that is all for now, more to come....


Technodoll said...

Seven years? Talk about the justice system being out of whack! Hope it goes well, and good vibes to your dad for recovery :-)