Monday, February 9, 2009

Today was what I would call a relaxing day. I got home at 6am and was in bed asleep by 7, ahh thanks to Ambien. I slept till 2:30pm, got up and met B at the door at 3pm ready to go to dinner, yeah, we eat early around here. So we had a very nice dinner and we were home by 4:30. I put in Madagascar II and climbed back into bed, I was asleep before 5pm.
I slept till 9pm when I had to get up for work.
What can I say...I love having the kind of life where if you need to sleep the day away you can. The puppies were well cared for, they did get to go out and were fed, however they love to sleep with their mommy, so it was no big deal today. B climbed into bed also and I think he may have made in 15 minutes into the movie before he fell asleep. We don't normally sleep the day away,but yesterday we were up all day and out for most of the evening, so today was a rest and recoup day, recharge the batteries if you will.
I did speak with my dad in reference to how he was feeling now that he has been home a full 48 hours...he says and I quote" I feel great, refreshed and ready for anything when I wake up from my afternoon nap."
My dad called me last night while I was in Boston to tell me about his visit with the nurse... big are B's scars?
me....7 to 8 inches long on both sides
dad...the nurse measured mine today and guess how long?
me ...4 inches?
dad... guess again
me....7 inches?
dad...X3!...the scar is 21 inches long and runs from the back of my knee to the lower part of my back....
me....WOW!!! glad B's is small
dad...whatever I gotta don't care...
And with that the phone call ended...he knows I care, that's just the way we are ...SARCASTIC!
Like father like daughter, hee hee

I can't wait to go home and see B and the puppies..
woo hooo family time,
then B leaves for work...6:20am
I am surprising B with dinner tonight...
spaghetti and hot Italian sausage and fresh garlic bread..