Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wow, I have been gone awhile but I have good reason...
My dad almost died on 4/4/09 he went into CHF and never recovered. He is in the Cardiac Care Unit at Mass General Hospital and will remain there until he gets a new heart. He is waiting patiently on the heart transplant list. He went into the hospital on 4/4/09 weighing 227lbs and now less than 3 weeks later he weighs in at 175lbs...all fluid, he was literally drowning in fluid. The blue machine is called a balloon pump and is keeping him alive till he gets a new heart. Please say a prayer for him as he could use all he can get. I believe he survived Friday night because he was destined to live and continue on with his life, he has made it so far, however we have had a few setbacks along the way...he had a massive bleed on 4/19 that has now resulted in him being placed on the deactivated transplant list until his white blood cell count returns to normal. I spoke with his nurse Ellen a little while ago and she confirmed that the count is returning to normal and he will be re listed soon.


jessica said...

your story is very touching. i will be praying for your dad. thank you for entering into the contest. good luck!