Sunday, February 8, 2009

where have I been?

So where has the time gone? Actually, I have been busy with work and family stuff. Monday morning my dad finally had surgery to replace his right hip, he was awake for the entire surgery and was joking with the doctors throughout. The Monday before surgery I took the day off to go and give blood for him, that was an experience, giving blood is no big deal, until you try and give direct donation, what a pain in the butt. Anyway dad received my blood during surgery and all is well, except my mom says that since he gotten home on Friday he is very bitchy...your welcome. I just he got some of that from me, hee hee.
Tonight a few coworkers and spouses got together for a surprise 40th Bday celebration. We went into Boston to Fire and Ice...OMG, it was fantastic, the food was amazing and I let my food touch...I overcame my OCD for a few hours, however I know it was one time thing, I still shake just thinking about my food touching. I don't think I will ever overcome this, but at least I know I enjoyed the food for one evening. The best part about tonight was she had no clue, even as she walked in and saw all of us, she still hadn't put it together, it was great, a real surprise. B had a great time and fits in with the people I work with no problem. (makes for a nice night out) I am exhausted and I can't wait to go home and go to bed. I worked till 6 am and was up at 10 am for the day, now I am back at work till 6 am, I told B not to wake me if I was still sleeping when he got home...he said "no problem, I will probably join you", as we were out late and he has to work in the morning.