Saturday, January 24, 2009

B finally bid out of his investigations position .The job was great and he learned alot however he was not allowed overtime, but worked 50+ hours a week, we lost a lot of money while he did this. He is looking towards the future and all it holds for him. This is his last weekend off and starting Feb 1st he will have Thur/Fri. off. This is great because e all the holidays fall on those 2 days this year, at least the major ones do anyway. Oh and he waived his 10 waiting period and started back on line and he already has made money and worked overtime for real money, yay!!!! He is so much more relaxed at home and does not stress about anything anymore, except he misses the guys he worked with, they were tight. I love and respect them all, well except Nestor who in my opinion was and always will be an ASS, and a cheater...if only his wife would wake up and see it...someday someday every dog has its day.
I love having him back online and I know the demands are strong and everyday is dangerous, but I feel better knowing he is able to take care of himself. I love this man more than words can say. You are my hero, I love ya bunches, baby.
Now as for other news dad is having his hip replaced on Feb. 2nd and I am scared to death as I don't feel he can take the surgery. I know he needs it and is constant pain, but I don't know if his heart is strong enough, my fingers are crossed and I am praying for a safe and speedy surgery. I hope he comes out of it pain free when all is said and done. I love him and want only the best for him, he is my daddy after all.I will be going to the hospital on Monday to give blood as he was denied being able to give it himself, again not strong enough. I will donate as a direct donor...he gave me life now I hope to give him his life back...more to come...