Sunday, November 23, 2008

So what is new, well nothing actually. I have been going to the gym and getting in some much needed sleep. I have not slept well for 3 days and I really needed to get some sleep today so at 12:30pm when I was still awake and had not slept yet, I decided to take Ambien and finally fell asleep around 2 pm, I slept til B came in and woke me at 9pm and told me it was time to get ready for work. It was not restful sleep but it was sleep none the less. The puppies were wonderful and let me sleep and did not bother me once. I can't believe I have 4 hours left to go before I get to go home, however I will not be going to sleep in the morning. I have to be at the gym by 7 just to get a space for Ride class at 8am, and then we are running a race in Mansfield at noon and then it is home for showers and off to the in laws for a traditional turkey dinner at 3:30pm. After dinner we are competing in Crossfit Training Games in Clinton with my friend at 7pm. If you don't know what Crossfit is go check it out at it is hell but so good for you. It works every muscle group and then some. It is grueling and intense but only lasts for 20-30 minutes and you are done, I mean done, you're so fatigued and exhausted that you want to crawl home. After all is said and done I will finally get to bed around 10pm then it is up at 6 to get Kailyn for the day... I have her till 5pm then I have to work 6pm -6am, nice huh? Not!!!! I will be catching up on all my sleep on Tuesday after Ride class when B goes to work at 10am.