Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wow, it sure has been awhile, I have had a lot going on in the past weeks. First off let me start by saying B is doing great following his hip surgery, he is back to work full duty and loving it. He has a few famous murders on his block I mean convicted criminals. He enjoy his work and feels as though he makes a difference once in a while. Now for the not really great news for B. That boy can't keep himself out of a doctors office. A few weeks ago he complained of his left big toe hurting so I looked at it and it was a little red but nothing major, I just figured that his boots were too tight, ah no. I looked at it again a few days later and it was now dark purple, something was not right and he was so susceptible to infection I called our primary care physician, he was placed on antibiotics and told to return in one week, we did and it looked worse so he was prescribed a new antibiotic, ah no that one didn't work either. They recommended that he see a specialist, I called around and the earliest I could get him seen was Nov. 10th, not going to happen he needed to see someone now. I finally gave up and called the hospital where he had surgery and she was able to see him in 2 days, ahh there is a god. He met with the very nice young doctor and was told, you not only have an infection but your nail has separated from the skin and needs to be removed, NOW! B was not excited to hear this as he really hates needles, but off the nail went, all of it. So now B is back to work but in some minor discomfort. He is a good boy and soaks it everyday, and changes the bandages daily on his own, which is huge seeing as he would not look at it on Friday. He is recovering well, however it has only been a few days, but he is hanging in there. He says this was worse the the hip pain, somehow I don't believe him, I think he has forgotten the hip pain because he is doing so well now. He actually ran the other day. I am so proud of him.
Now on the adoption front, we are at the last meeting of our home study, actually we are finished our home study we are just waiting to read it and that will be done on Oct.21st and then we are finished and can start looking at children. We have 3 more MAPP classes left and then that will be done too. We are so grateful that we are almost finished. We have made some wonderful friends while going through all this. Friends we never would have made had we not shared the heartbreak of infertility, we all have bonded not only the wives but the husbands as well.


mmayeski said...

So glad to hear you guys are doing well overall. Must be wierd not having a nail, all squishy and stuff. I think B will be fine. And great news about the adoption thing. Glad to hear it! TTYL!