Friday, January 9, 2009

So I managed to convince B that the pain in his right hip is not normal post surgery pain and he needed to call the surgeon. He agreed and I was able to get him an appointment on Monday in Boston, because his surgeon has changed hospitals and now so must we. We will be traveling into Boston to the New England Baptist Hospital for follow up care and xrays, woohoo! NOT!!!
Did you notice the driveway in the pic below...yeah the one with the ice storm and ice still in the driveway, well guess what? it is still there and we are supposed to be getting more snow on Saturday, and until then the temps are going to be in the lower 20's, meaning....the ice is going to be there a long time, a very long time. Oh well!
We decided to brave the ice storm and go out to dinner with friends last night...dinner was fantastic and the company was great, however the ride home was less than, snow, and stupid drivers do not make for a fun ride home. We saw 2 cars off the road, one of which was teetering on a guard rail and the other was facing the wrong way in the median....ahh stupid winter drivers!!! 4 wheel drive does not mean drive at breakneck speeds, and pass everyone and then wonder what happened when you are no longer on the road, idiot.