Saturday, January 10, 2009

Confession time....I have been on WW for a little over a week, 11 days to be specific...anyway, i have managed to stick to my points, no problem!!! I have actually lost 7 lbs, great!!! WOOHOO!! I love it and I really don't mind the restrictions either. However, you are allowed 35 flex points to be used per week and I have used NONE!!!! Not one, until last night. B took me out to Outback and I had a burger and baked potato, yum-o, I loved it, now I had not eaten anything else all day; because , no I was not starving myself I was sleeping. I got home at 6 am and went to bed, got up at 3 and showered and had dinner @ 4, so it was my breakfast/ lunch meal...I live a very crazy schedule, but anyways....I really enjoyed the meal, but felt so guilty afterwards... I know I had the points, I know I am allowed to eat freely when I have enough points accumulated, but I still feel GUILTY!!!! I know I shouldn't, but I do....
I know I have stuck to the plan and I know that I will be right back on track today, as I keep seeing myself in a bikini in Aruba, and nothing is going to change that, nothing!!!!
I love that I have the willpower to maintain this diet and can lose and will lose the weight, I can and I will, I remind myself of this everyday...again, anyways I just needed to vent that I was feeling guilty...and I know it was guilt over nothing having been done wrong, I get that....but today I am back on track...24pts and nothing more!!!!
I can do this, I will do this, I AM wearing a bikini in Aruba....damn it!!!!