Monday, August 31, 2009


So things have really changed and I managed to update last night, wow what a night can do. We are at Mass General waiting for dad to hurry up and get done with his heart transplant, yuppers that what I said, get done with the heart transplant. Dad called me this morning around 11:45 and said he was on his way to the hospital, matter of fact, I asked what was wrong, he very calmly said nothing was wrong that they called and said they had a heart with his name on it so off he went. Brian and I scrambled to get Titan settled into a friends house, Riley and Annabelle are safely tucked away at home in their own beds with Auntie Erin, she is our savior, we can't express how wonderful she is when it comes to taking care of our pups. We never have to ask she always volunteers, she is simply amazing. I on the other hand am a nutcase!!!! The waiting is incredibly nerve wracking and seems to never end, but I know that the outcome will be far better than ever imagined. Dad was excited to be heading into the OR today knowing what was ahead of him, he was super anxious but like a kid in a candy store waiting with wide eyes open to all the new possibilities awaiting him tomorrow. Mom is nervous as can be expected but we are all hanging in there waiting for word that this very long journey will soon be over, with a very happy outcome.