Wednesday, April 29, 2009

updates and stuff

So I decided to begin running again mostly out of stress. The stress I am carrying around right now is ridiculous, and I need a way to release it, so running it is going to be, now to actually find the time to run....? I will be running during my sleep time more or less, due to spending time in Boston with dad in the morning and working midnights. I will never tell him I am cutting short my sleep time because he says that I don't sleep enough now as it is, so this is our little secret, ok? I will try and update daily or the best I can: my running tallies and totals. My goal right now is to run 15 miles per I have to get my butt in gear for this week as so far I have ....0, none nada, zilch! I will schedule myself to run after visiting dad, so about 11am everyday, except the weekends I can run early, as we don't visit till late morning.
I think this will not only relieve stress but will help me to feel better about myself.
I have made a friendly challenge with a fellow blogger named Jennifer, who will help me to remain honest and accountable. We are going to start off at 15 miles per week and increase each week by 3 miles...we are both running 1/2 marathons in 4 months...her blog is REAL!!!
She doesn't sugarcoat life and is honest..!
Other updates...
B is doing fantastic in his recovery of bilateral hip replacement surgery.
He is coming up on his one year anniversary on May 1st.
He has been back to see his physician and everything was looking great and was given the go ahead to resume running, short distances. He is actively back at the gym when not accompanying me to the hospital, he has been a rock through all of this,
I am very lucky to have him.
My mom is doing as best as can be expected, she is staying strong and visits dad as often as she can. My sister brings her in most days
and they stay for about 2/3 hours or until dad falls asleep.
Nothing else really new except through all of this I managed to gain some weight, that I desperately need to get off by summer, this is where the whole run for your life comes in.
I know running is the only way for me to get it off so here I go......